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Poems : Kestrel



Swift on the wing, powerful flight

I soar, my tail spread wide

I fly for freedom, I fly for life

On feathered wings I glide.


I am Kestrel, the flyer, the soarer,

I am a falcon, I am a Hawk.

Death by air, I hunt the land,

nothing but fresh killed flesh I eat,

I am a taker of life, please understand,

I kill by nature, not by will.


I am Kestrel, the hunter, the thief

I am a Falcon, I am a Hawk.


Prettiest of the Falcon blood,

I have not a blue-bird's song and beauty,

Nor a Swan's long necked grace,

I am Kestrel, the proud, the beautiful,

I am a Falcon, I am a Hawk.

                                             ERIN MAZUR